Meet Pin

LandscaPINg the Legendary Future

The future is up for grabs for the courageous, strong-willed and empowered.

When you say you deserve it, then rightly so, you deserve it. You fight for it. You sacrifice for it.  And then, you use every inch of your individuality to echo your plans to the unknown tomorrow – stepping beyond the glares and whistles of naysayers, focusing your energy to your goals, and doing other things on the side smoothly, purposeful and intentional. Until you finally catch a sliver of what you are working for; a glimpse of that life that you have lived within your dreams, hoping and working on it fervently to savor it in real life.

As vivid and as realistic as Josephine, Pin, or Mentor Pin (as her family, friends, colleagues, business partners and followers address her) live each day of her life today – a moment to moment experience that sprang from a not-so-spectacular of origins to a sprawling empire that she and her husband, Billy, has established from the ground up. She has made it. But she is not finished, yet. 

A PIN in the Past

The youngest among three children, Josephine Donato Dela Fuente or simply Pin, was born in Quezon City, Philippines to a religious household of Ilocano roots. Her father worked as an electrical engineer while her mother was a teacher, with 48 years of practice under her belt.  Growing up in an above average family, this is where her faith was nurtured and magnified through the consistent praying of the rosary every day at 7PM. Pin also remembered spending all holidays together, putting more emphasis on close family ties, relationship-building, and their importance.

Although Pin viewed herself as lackluster compared to her two siblings in terms of academic performance, this did not get in the way of her finding her bearing. She focused more on extra-curricular activities and highlighted that being a girl scout opened and unleashed her leadership potential. She continued to engage on more activities – from senior high school student council president to a volleyball varsity player to a pep squad leader – gaining friends in the process, developing herself more and growing her academics as well. As she pursued a Tourism course in the University of Santo Tomas, she maintained her flare for extra-curricular participation as she became a member of the drum pep squad of the school, while still upholding her academic responsibilities.

After graduation, Pin immediately began her career in the hotel management industry. She worked as a front desk personnel in the New World Hotel in Makati for two years, whereupon she transitioned to sales and marketing in the succeeding four years after that.

Transition to the PINnacle

A twist of faith turned her life around when eventually she quit her job and focused on assisting her husband on the business that the latter ventured on.  She was quick on the uptake and realized that if the efforts she is giving to her current work is applied to the business, it will produce a more profitable return. But of course, the first step was always the hardest. It was a bittersweet relationship at first between her and the business, but being herself, the solid foundation she acquired from her upbringing, and her outpouring passion for connecting people and with people, led her to catch on. It was a different ballgame through and through compared to hotel management but with her tenacity to learn and adjust, it paved the way to a very successful endeavor.

It was not smooth sailing in the beginning since they are already building a family of their own, and the prospect of it hindering whatever it is for the family, with all the risks attached left a lingering fear on her. However, her insurmountable faith shone through, also upheld by the overwhelming support of her husband and their business partners. With the trainings and other activities provided and made available for her, coupled that with Pin’s no-playing-around attitude on hitting goals, they blasted all the challenges coming their way to bits and little by little achieve the dreams that they have for their family.

And with the time and financial freedom at her disposal, Pin is on a mission to touch your life.

PINnacle Empowered Woman

Pin wants to set an example. Although you might be taken aback by her chinita-snobbish looks, know her more and you might be attached to her carefree and happy demeanor. But these are all façade to one of the most important part of her that she wants to share with you. Flesh and blood, Pin is a woman who knows what she wants, expresses what she feels, says what’s on her mind and gets what she deserves. She is an empowered woman, an individual of substance, and an epitome of intellect and grace. 

It doesn’t matter when or where you start in you journey, as long as you are willing to work on it, then you can do it.

Pin Dela Fuente

PINnacle Mother and Wife​

As a wife and a mother, Pin is hands on when it comes to family affairs. The exposure she got from her family allowed her to give importance and priority to it before anything else. As she nurtures their dream abode with love and laughter together with her four bundles of joy, Billy, Godfrey, Enzo and Joaquin, Pin sees to it that everything is taken care of. You will always see the sparkle in her eyes whenever they are together, be it in a simple eating out or an excursion to different scenic places. The pureness and the simplicity that love can create, you can say that it can be personified by Pin and her care for her family.

PINnacle Leader Entrepreneur

Pin with her husband, Billy, are the top income earners of Usana Philippines and are consistently ranked in the top earners of the whole Usana as well. With this stature comes great responsibility, too. Since Pin is a goal hitter, her leadership style is highlighted when she sets a goal and draft a plan for it. If you want to hit your goals, and you need a plan, then she is the right person to talk to. She doesn’t stop until its done. While others get excited when the goal is within striking distance, Pin, on the other hand, relishes the idea of a goal so distant yet she knows that she is capable of achieving. Add this up with the fiery look of determination of her husband, and it’s a done deal.

PINnacle Life Coach​

Pin wants a holistic approach to life. You can say that she already has it all, but she is not just here for them but also for all the people that still believe that their lives can change. With the onset of a population looking for improvements in their lives, she wants to serve as an inspiration and a motivator. She wants you to see that she and Billy are just an ordinary, relatable couple that decided to overhaul their predicament and try things for the better. She wants to teach you tips on life, and empower you to think a bigger and brighter future ahead, beyond the challenges and detours you have gone through. Pin believes that when you see your potential brewing and ready to erupt, you will be empowered, and ultimately, will do the things that they do, towards success and a life that is full.

O-PIN-ions, Aspirations, and Musings towards the Legendary Future

Pin has a lot of aspirations still waiting to be realized. She still wants to go back to the arts and paint again, and have her own gallery someday. She also wants to have her own boutique hotel given that she worked for one before. Furthermore, she wants to travel the world at her own pace with the whole family, and experience firsthand the tourism course she took up in college. She also projects that they will reach an a never-before-seen growth in their business in the next ten years.

You see, a legendary future requires courage, steadfast faith, and empowerment. Pin with her husband worked their way up from the bottom to this point where the possibilities are limitless. And as she opens her life to you, she reminds you that success is simply satisfaction – satisfaction of what you have achieved in life, people that you have helped, things that you have acquired, and most especially, your personal development.

Meet Mentor Pin, as she cheers you towards a contented and meaningful life.